Recent and Current Blooms


Tewa, one of our delightful guides, wanted to share some of the flowers that have been in bloom recently and that are currently in bloom. The images at the beginning of the gallery are probably still flowering, including the gorgeous Silk Floss tree, Coral Aphelandra (one of Bill's favorites), and the honeycomb ginger. Costus igneus is a delicate, short-lived bloom native to Southeast Asia. It is sometimes called the "insulin plant," because its leaves have been shown to have hypoglycemic properties (read one of the studies here). At the end of the gallery are a couple photos of the stunning Pride of Burma, Amherstia nobilis. These pictures are a month old, but we have high hopes for the trees having a second major bloom set this season. In the past couple of years, they have been outrageous!

You'll also find a picture of some of the fruit you might taste on one of our tours. Currently, samples include dragonfruit, papaya, starfruit, avocados, honey tangerines, longans, and Robertson naval oranges!

We hope you enjoy the pictures!