African Nutmeg Blooms

I think we've posted a picture or two of our African Nutmeg (Monodora myristica) in the past, but the tree has only given us a couple flowers in the summer the last two years. This July, we are enjoying the first major, full set of flowers covering our specimen.They are gorgeous. If you come to our gardens in the next week or two, you should still see these. The African Nutmeg is not the culinary spice plant, though apparently the fruit is sometimes used in the place of nutmeg in African dishes. We are not getting any fruit set. The flowers are natively pollinated by the scarab beetle, which probably muscle their way into that central chamber to get at the pollen. Our flowers fall off the tree before they open completely and expose their stamen and pistil.

The first picture below is a full shot of the tree--those are the fresh, young leaves re-forming on the tree. It dropped all its leaves, bloomed, and started to re-foliate. They will eventually turn thick and waxy and green.