Acerola Cherry Season

Acerolas closup

Our Acerola Cherry Tree (Malpighia emarginata) is loaded with fruit right now. It seems to have two fruiting seasons: the fall and the late spring. We've been having a wet spring and early summer, so the cherries continue to ripen even as we approach the Solstice. I'd suspect they would be done by now in a warmer year. Our spring season is producing way more cherries than last fall's bloom. The tree originates in the West Indies and Northern South America, but today can be easily found and cultivated throughout the tropical and sub-tropical world, including Southeastern North America.

The Acerola Cherry is delicious! The birds, of course, love them, and so often you pick the cherries a little young, making them slightly tart. For this sourness, in Asia, they are popular to process into chutneys and pickles. Allowed to ripen completely, however, and they are quite sweet and juicy with just a mild tartness. Inside are three triangular pits, which are difficult to propagate.

These cherries are extremely nutritious. The Acerolas can have 32 times the Vitamin C content of an orange! One cherry is often enough Vitamin C content for your daily needs. On top this the cherries are loaded with Potassium, vitamin A, Magnesium, antioxidants and lots of other good stuff. For this reason its great for the immune system. Other properties make it helpful in treating headaches, diarrhea and dysentery. Enjoy the pictures...

Acerola cherries

Acerola flower

Acerolas closup